Mauricetown RiverFest 2023

                                                                                                                        Download PDF of Brochure here or view the images below



     Mauricetown Riverfest 2023 Map                                                        Mauricetown RiverFest Brochure – Side A                                                                Mauricetown RiverFest Brochure – Side B



Maurice River Corridor Study Survey
Your Opinion Matters!




Please scan the QR Code or click the link to fill out the survey that will help us learn what your priorities are for the Maurice River Corridor. Cumberland County, in partnership with SJTPO and Michael Baker International, is conducting a study of the Maurice River Corridor, focusing on eco-tourism and future greenway restorative initiatives. The Study is also analyzing the corridor’s connectivity to existing businesses, recreation resources, education centers, and entertainment amenities. Your input is valuable!
For more information, please visit: