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Explorers Wanted. Nestled in the midst of the urban corridor stretching from Washington, D.C. to Boston rests the tranquil 500 square mile enclave known as Cumberland County, New Jersey. Less than an hour’s drive from metropolitan Philadelphia or Atlantic City, Cumberland County offers a quiet paced style often considered lost along the East Coast. Cumberland is filled with vast wetlands and large undisturbed stretches of coastline along the Delaware Bay, which is why it has one of the largest concentrations of Bald Eagles in the state. Come and explore its history that stretches back over 300 years, and its rich glassblowing & oystering heritage that still continues today. Cumberland also brings the farms for the farm to table, and is filled with expansive farmland, roadside farm stands, and even pick your own farms. Cumberland also has a vibrant artistic and cultural side, with great events, attractions, and destinations. Come explore and discover what makes Cumberland so unique, and go a little further to find something extraordinary.