Union Hall

The Dividing Creek Union Hall, located in Cumberland County, New Jersey, is a historic building that played an important role in the community during a time when social welfare improvements, such as insurance and worker safety regulations, were not yet in place. Prior to these advancements, people had limited sources of protection or financial safety nets, and so they formed societies to provide mutual assistance to each other. These societies, also known as friendly, mutual, or benevolent societies, offered insurance, pensions, savings, and cooperative banking services based on individuals’ religious, political, or trade affiliations.

In 1897, Union Hall was constructed as a communal lodge to serve as a meeting place for several societies in Cumberland County. The hall was primarily used by the Good Intent Beneficial Society, the Odd Fellows, and the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. These societies continued to operate into the 20th century, but as businesses and government began to provide similar services, they gradually disbanded.

Union Hall, which is believed to be one of the oldest public, non-church, non-municipal buildings in South Jersey, was purchased in 1965 by the Dividing Creek Civic Club, now known as the Dividing Creek Historical Society. The hall features a large front entrance, a belfry housing the original bell built in 1901, a foyer with original wrought iron detailing, and a large auditorium space with a stage. The stage includes a hand-painted curtain of an outdoor scene created by local resident Clement Orr in 1903. The foyer leads to a staircase that leads to the second-floor meeting hall.

Today, the Dividing Creek Historical Society maintains the Union Hall and uses it for community events and social activities. Although it no longer serves as a meeting place for societies, the Union Hall continues to play an important role in the community by preserving local history and providing a gathering space for residents. It is open to the public on special occasions and by appointment. Visit Website